Freestanding cookers: Compare features & prices New World NW601EDO review

The New World NW601EDO electric freestanding cooker has two ovens and an electric ceramic hob. And style-wise it's designed to fit into any kitchen - it comes in a grand total of nine metallic finishes. We like how easy this cooker is to use, but will it give you perfect results every time? Read on to find out.
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Test criteria Rating
Oven performance How quickly the ovens heat up, how accurate they are at hitting the set temperatures, how well they maintain the temperatures and how well they distribute heat around the oven Subscribe
Grill performance How good the grill is at browning food effectively and evenly. More than 70% of the grill area browns effectively on an excellent grill, and less than 40% on a very poor grill Subscribe
Hob performance How quickly and efficiently the hob heats up and its effectiveness at simmering Subscribe
Reliability Five stars means that this brand of cooker has an excellent reliability record, four stars represents good reliability and three stars means average, or satisfactory, reliability. Two stars is poor and one star very poor. If a cooker doesn't have a star rating for reliability this means that we don't hold enough data about the reliability record of the brand to work out a reliability score. Subscribe
Energy use
Energy use This is based on how much it costs to roast a chicken three times a week in the main oven of this cooker. The energy test was introduced in 2012, cookers tested before 2012 will not have a score for energy use. Subscribe
Ease of use How easy it is to use the core functions of the cooker, including the grill, oven and hob; opening and closing the doors; loading in out of the oven and grill; visibility of the food and clarity of the control markings. Subscribe
Ease of cleaning How easy it is clean the hob, grill and oven using a sponge and hot soapy water; the success of this cleaning approach and the amount of effort required to get the cooker properly clean. Subscribe

New World NW601EDO

  • Launch date: Jan 2012
  • Type: Electric
  • Which? score: Subscribe
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