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The fully integrated Frostig BF91 freezer from Ikea has four removable drawers made of transparent plastic, so it should be easy to find your food inside. Ikea claims that the 'fast-freeze' setting allows you to deep freeze fresh food quickly - a claim we were keen to test for ourselves. Read on to find out how the BC91 fared in our freezing and energy efficiency tests.
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Test criteria Rating
Freezing power How quickly it can freeze fresh produce down to the target temperature of -18°C, as the faster food freezes the more nutrients it will retain and the longer it will last when it's defrosted. If there's no star rating it means this test was not part of our testing when we reviewed this model - see the 'Freezing capacity' ratings for an idea of how powerful this freezer is. Subscribe
Energy use
Energy use Compares energy use for each freezer taking size into account. Subscribe
Recommended thermostat setting The manufacturer's recommended thermostat setting should result in a temperature colder than -18°C. Fewer than two stars means you will have to adjust the thermostat setting until it matches the correct setting. Subscribe
Temperature stability How closely the freezer maintains the correct temperature even when the room temperature changes. Five stars mean you won’t need to adjust the thermostat, while two stars means that you will. Subscribe
Quietness and vibration Five stars means the model is quiet, one star is noisy. Subscribe
Effects of a power cut Subscribe
Brand reliability How reliable this brand of freezer is. Subscribe
Ease of use Subscribe
Ease of defrosting How easy it is to collect defrosted water from the freezer. Models with top marks are frost-free. Subscribe

Ikea Frostig BF91

  • Launch date: Jan 2011
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