Range cookers: Best Buys Best buy

A range cooker can be a great-looking finishing touch to your dream kitchen. But which ones are best? Should you go for gas, electric or dual-fuel? Do the expensive ones actually cook any better? 

Video guide: what makes a Which? Best Buy range cooker?


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At Which? we’ve tested all types of range cooker including gas, electric, dual-fuel and even range cookers with induction hobs (hobs where just the pan heats up, not the hob surface).

  • When we test range cookers we measure how quickly the main oven heats up and how accurately they maintain cooking temperatures.
  • We use strips of shortbread to measure how evenly heat is distributed around the oven and we bake a large sponge cake to see how well the ovens can maintain a steady supply of heat.
  • In our grill test we cover the grill pan with crustless white bread to see how evenly and how far heat spreads. On the hob we record how quickly the burners bring a pan of water to the boil and how effective they are when simmering rice pudding.

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Range cooker reviews you can trust

We only measure the actual space that you can use inside the oven, rather than the total volume figures you see on manufacturers’ sites, and we test what you can realistically fit inside by trying to fit a large fake turkey and a tray of roast potatoes in together.

We are independent and impartial, and product reviews and recommendations are what we've done for more than 50 years. There are no ads on our site - we don't work for the manufacturers, we work for you. We test the products, and pass the results on. It's that simple.

  • Reviews of 70 range cookers.
  • 27 Best Buy range cookers to complete your kitchen.
  • Reviews of range cookers from 14 companies.

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