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The Sebo Airbelt D2 Storm cylinder vacuum cleaner has some useful features such as an automatic cable rewind and some additional nozzles. But how good is this vacuum cleaner at getting your floors clean? We found out when we put it through its paces in our tests.
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User Image wrote:
depthhoar wrote:
Pros - Impressive performance on all surface. Quality 'feel' of all components, some of which are stainless steel. Brilliantly simple design - a refreshing change from ergonomically-challenged Dyson machines that are not intuitive to use, have questionable reliability and are made from iffy materials. (Why do Dyson vacuum cleaners have to look like props from a Buck Rogers movie??). German design and technology - simple and elegant & robustly engineered and manufactured. Definitely 'Made in Germany'. Huge dust bags - the same price as Miele bags but more than twice the size (factor that into your Miele-or-Sebo vacuum cleaner purchasing decision). Very long retractable flex - you won't need to unplug/plug in as often in order to finish the job.Difficult to fault.
22/4/2011 12:41 PM GDT
User Image wrote: editor wrote:
Thanks for the comm...
Thanks for the comments about the reliability of Sebo vacs and whether we can make them Best Buys. While we do have reliability data for Sebo uprights, unfortunately we don't have it for cylinders but appreciate this wasn't very clear from our original explanation. Furthermore, rglang is correct: Sebo does now offer a free 5 year parts and labour guarantee which means that its cylinder vacs can also be rated as Best Buys. Thank you for alerting us to this - we're updating the review and are sorry for missing this when we first posted the results for this model. We'll also check with our test lab about the bag-fill indicator.
3/12/2010 5:40 PM GST
User Image wrote:
rglang wrote:
Bulky & Heavy, but good performer
I've had this Sebo for a few months and am pleased with it's performance and it's relatively quiet. It's best suited to larger homes as it has an extremely long 12M cable so it will clean a large area without changing sockets. The bag is also very large, so it holds a lot of dirt. I find the cleaner a bit bulky to carry, but it follows you easily during use. It's not good on pet hair, so I'd get one of the other models with a turbo brush or opt for the D4 Premium with a motorised head.Which? decided not to give this model a best buy because they don't have enough information on brand reliability, yet the Sebo uprights score five stars for reliability. All Sebo domestic machines have a five year parts and labour guarantee, so surely Which can award this cleaner a best buy. The Nilfisk extreme was given a best buy even though Which had no brand reliability data, but recommended it because of Nilfisk's 5 year guarantee. So on this fact, Which should give the Sebo D2 a best buy.
28/11/2010 12:48 PM GST

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