Jug blenders: How we test jug blenders

We think a blender should make food and drink preparation easier, rather than be so awkward to use and clean it gets left in the back of a cupboard that's why we review and rate the latest models to bring you our Best Buy recommendations. Go to our jug blender reviews to find out the best models a well as those poor jug blenders you should avoid.

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Best Buy blenders

Jug blender with fruit

Jug blenders can make delicious fruit drinks

To identify and recommend the best jug blenders, we carry out a variety of tough tests on a wide range of popular models.

We start by carrying out basic and simple tests, such as blending smoothies and soup – which all jug blenders should be able to do – and move on to the more complex and trickier tasks, such as making pesto or crushing ice.

But we don't just test how well they blend – we’re looking for blenders that are simple to assemble, easy to use and won’t prove a nightmare to clean.

Blending tests

It sounds obvious, but every jug blender should be able to blend well. But not all of them do, so we ensure there’s no place for lumps to hide in our unique blending tests.

Our experts make three different types of smoothie with each blender we review, including smoothies with dairy, nuts and ice in them.

We don’t use just any old recipes, either. Our specially designed recipes contain hard-to-process ingredients including ginger and mango – if these can be blended to a smooth consistency, then the blender should have no problem tackling normal blending tasks and ingredients, such as bananas.


For soups, the cooked and blended ingredients are strained through a fine mesh sieve and then inspected to see what's escaped unblended. A Best Buy blender will whiz everything to a smooth, even consistency. A bad blender will leave lumps unprocessed.

Making pesto

Making pesto really challenges a blender as the combination of garlic, cheese, basil, pine nuts and oil form a much dryer mix than smoothies or soups. Some blenders struggle to cope when there's less liquid available, and we see significant differences between blenders with this test.

Ice crushing

Crushing ice is another fiddly task that blenders have to excel at to earn our seal of approval. A bad blender will over-process the ice, leaving a snow-like mush, while the blades of others barely touch the cubes, just bashing them about and making a noise.

We inspect the crushed ice to see how fine and even it is, checking how many large lumps are left and how much has been reduced to water in the process.

Crushed ice

Not all jug blenders are good at crushing ice


Most food preparation appliances are noisy, and blenders are no exception. Luckily most are only on for less than a minute - but we assess the noise, providing a comparative rating and highlighting any that are particularly unpleasant or annoying to use.

Total test score

The total test score for jug blenders ignores price and is made up of the following factors:

  • Performance 50%
  • Ease of use 45%
  • Time to blend 5%

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