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  • Time to boil
  • Noise
  • Overboil time
  • Minimum fill
  • Quality of the limescale filter
  • Limescale filter overall
  • Ease of opening/closing the lid
  • Filling the kettle
  • Handle
  • Manoeuvring, handling and carrying the kettle
  • Controls
  • Pouring the kettle
  • Ease of reading water windows/gauges
  • Ease of cleaning


Select by shape of kettle, colour and construction material.


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Extra features

Choose models with a 360° base, auto switch-off and a matching toaster

Matching toaster 'Yes' indicates that the kettle has a matching toaster.

Reduced temperature settings Yes' indicates that the kettle allows you to heat the water to temperatures of less than 100°C.

Auto switch-off 'Yes' indicates that the kettle will switch itself off automatically if lifted off its base.

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Jul 2008
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1 kettles found

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