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  1. 08 FEB 2016
    Ultra HD Blu-ray – the next big thing?

    Ultra HD Blu-ray players are due to hit our shelves later this year. But what are they and will they be worth buying? Another year, another new home entertainment product to spend your money on. This year the consumer electronics giants are starting to back Ultra HD Blu-ray players as the future of home entertainment....

  2. 07 FEB 2016
    Is there a future for the Windows phone?

    Nokia, Dell, Samsung and LG have all tried to make the Windows Phone operating system a success before admitting defeat. So can the Windows phone survive? Microsoft has been trying to wrestle market share away from all-mighty Apple and Android for years with its own operating system, Windows Phone. A variety of manufacturers have experimented with...

  3. 06 FEB 2016
    10 more essential Mac tips and tricks

    Whether you’re an Apple expert or an OS X amateur, you’re sure to find something useful among these 10 Mac tips and tricks. With the number of new Mac users increasing year by year, we thought we’d share some more of the most useful tips for using Apple’s computers that you might not be aware...

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