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From brilliant wireless and Bluetooth speaker systems, to superb headphones and fantastic digital radios, our expert impartial reviews and advice help you choose the right product at the right price.

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  1. 16 FEB 2017
    Printer ink wars – big brands battle cheap third-party ink

    While big printer brands like HP may not necessarily be blocking third-party ink cartridges, we’ve found they’re going to great lengths to dissuade you from using them. You can save up to 80% by opting for third-party printer ink over manufacturer cartridges. However, the big printer brands like HP and Epson would much rather you didn’t....

  2. 15 FEB 2017
    Microsoft raises the price of its Surface Book in the UK

    The low value of the pound means the already expensive Surface Book will cost you significantly more than before. Hot on the heels of speaker brand Sonos, Microsoft has announced it’s raising the price of its Surface Book by 11%. A spokesperson for Microsoft told website TechCrunch that it is ‘adjusting the British pound prices...

  3. 15 FEB 2017
    Sonos speakers are about to get a lot more expensive

    Leading speaker brand Sonos will soon be raising its prices. How much will its speakers cost and why the price hike? Sonos makes some of the most popular wireless speakers and amps on the market. They aren’t the cheapest to start with, but an announcement made on Sonos’ website has revealed that they are about...

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