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  1. 25 JUL 2016
    Why the OnePlus 3 is more expensive after the Brexit vote

    It’s unclear how Brexit will affect prices long term but the OnePlus 3 will already cost you more because of the referendum result. We explain why. OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer famed for releasing high-specification Android handsets at affordable prices. Its initial invite-only approach to sales and temptingly cheap prices have seen the popularity of...

  2. 24 JUL 2016
    Best cheap printers under £50

    These cheap printers will have no problem handling all your printing needs and will be easy on your wallet too. Summer is in full swing and, whether you’re printing a flight boarding pass or your holiday photos, you’ll need a top-quality printer to do the job. You can spend over £200 on some printers but…

  3. 23 JUL 2016
    Will smartphone encryption protect your data from hackers?

    Malware like HummingBad is affecting up to 10 million Android phones, so will encryption protect your data and make your phone harder to infiltrate? Smartphones are more computer than phone and, like computers, are susceptible to hacks, viruses and malware. As these versatile phones have become more advanced, we’ve come to rely on them for...

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