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  1. 11 FEB 2016
    Smart home hubs – three first look verdicts

    We take a look at the latest smart home hubs on offer. Can these Panasonic, Samsung and Swann devices help keep your home secure? Smart home hubs offer you a way to connect smart devices together and control them through a single system and accompanying app so you can easily secure and monitor your home....

  2. 10 FEB 2016
    Who makes the most reliable all-in-one PCs?

    Find out who makes the most reliable all-in-one PCs as we compare brands including Apple, Acer, Sony, HP and Dell. We save everything onto our PCs, from precious photos to our digital music collection. So, for a stress-free life, it’s important to buy a computer that’s unlikely to let you down the next time you…

  3. 09 FEB 2016
    Sky Q vs Sky+ HD – is it time to upgrade?

    Sky Q is available to order today, but should Sky+ HD subscribers be in a hurry to upgrade to Sky’s new TV box? On paper Sky Q offers much over its ageing sibling, the Sky+ HD box. It supports Ultra HD channels, has a crisp new interface and even lets you download recordings to a...

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