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  1. 29 JUL 2016
    How Brexit has cut the gap between UK and US prices

    We explore how the weakening pound against the dollar has closed the gap between US and UK prices following the EU referendum result. It’s long been known that Americans pay less for their shiny new tech than we do here in the UK. With everything from smartphones to cameras costing less in the US, some savvy...

  2. 28 JUL 2016
    Windows 10 – last chance to update for free plus what’s coming

    Today is your deadline for signing up for Windows 10 for free. The Anniversary Update is set to follow, providing loads of improvements. Read on to see what’s new. We’re going to make this as clear as possible, one last time: today is your last chance to download your Windows 10 update for free. Hopefully...

  3. 28 JUL 2016
    Google’s Phone app update to fight nuisance calls

    The latest update to Google’s Phone app will make dealing with nuisance calls easier than ever before. Find out more on these spam-busting features here. If you’re the proud owner of a Nexus smartphone or Android One device, you’ll be pleased to hear that your default Phone app is set to be updated with new...

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