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  1. 27 NOV 2015
    Which? Tech Black Friday deals

    Today’s the day! We round up the latest Black Friday deals on TVs, laptops, phones, tablets and more – and help you decide if they’re a bargain or a discounted dud. Black Friday 2015 is finally upon us, and with it comes hordes of retailers offering deals to take a cut of your cash. Whatever you’re after, be sure to check our...

  2. 27 NOV 2015
    Best Black Friday laptop deals

    We got all the best Black Friday laptop deals, including offers on Lenovo, HP, Asus and Acer portable PCs. Laptops can often be pricey products to splash out on, which is why Black Friday could be the perfect time to save some cash. We’ve listed all the best laptop deals with links to our reviews,...

  3. 26 NOV 2015
    Best Black Friday tablet deals

    From Black Friday through to Cyber Monday, deals on tablets will be cropping up everywhere. But how can you be sure that these are genuine bargains? We’ve rounded-up all the deals so you can avoid a discounted dud. Black Friday tablet deals iPad Mini 2 (Currys) – The iPad mini 2 might be a little long...

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