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  1. 28 JUL 2016
    Google’s Phone app update to fight nuisance calls

    The latest update to Google’s Phone app will make dealing with nuisance calls easier than ever before. Find out more on these spam-busting features here. If you’re the proud owner of a Nexus smartphone or Android One device, you’ll be pleased to hear that your default Phone app is set to be updated with new...

  2. 27 JUL 2016
    Top-10 free Windows Phone apps

    Windows phones may not have as many apps as their rivals, but with over 300,000 to choose from there are gems to be found. Here are 10 of the best. Windows Phone should be applauded for doing something different. Rather than conform to the Android and iOS school of four-by-four grids of app icons, Microsoft...

  3. 26 JUL 2016
    Can a phone take better photos than your compact camera?

    With so many phones boasting photographic prowess, we devised a special lab test to see if any could take better pictures than a compact camera. We reveal our findings. From Samsung’s Galaxy S7 with phase detection autofocus to Microsoft’s Lumia 950 with triple LED flash, plenty of mobiles claim to take a great photo. But…

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