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Tefal launches toaster for ‘king-sized’ bread

Tefal boasts biggest heating chamber in the world
Tefal King Size toaster 1

The new Tefal King Size toaster

Underdone toast could be a thing of the past thanks to a new ‘king-sized’ toaster which Tefal claims has ‘the biggest heating chamber in the world’.

Tefal says its new King Size toaster will hearald ‘an end to toast with an undercooked top’ by toasting bread measuring up to 15cm by 15cm. It also features an extra high-lift system, which will help when removing small items such as crumpets and teacakes from the toaster, and a ‘unique’ waffled stainless steel coating, said to be ‘scratch and fingerprint resistant’.

Toasting large bread slices

Which? toasters expert Lisa Galliers says: ‘A strip of underdone bread along the top of the slice is a common problem we’ve found with many toasters we’ve tested. 

‘Some struggle to completely toast anything larger than a standard-sized square-shaped slice, especially slices from homemade bread. We can’t wait to see if Tefal has finally found the answer with this toaster. 

‘We’ve whisked the toaster straight off to our labs for full testing and we’ll find out if it lives up to its king-sized claims. Results will be online as soon as possible. 

‘In the mean time, watch out our for First Look review where we’ll bring you our first impressions. You can also check out the 24 toasters we recommend as Which? Best Buys.’

Tefal King Size toaster

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How we test toasters

Our expert labs use highly standardised slices of bread to test toasters. We make several rounds of toast with both fresh and frozen bread. We record data for the most important aspects of toasting, including toasting time, the area of bread toasted and how even this browning is. Our lab experts even compare each side of the toast to see if it’s toasted consistently. 

We also check how versatile toasters are, to see which ones can handle anything larger – or smaller – than a standard-sized loaf of bread. 

All our Best Buys are versatile easy to use and won’t keep you waiting ages for your toast and, most importantly, they all achieve excellent browning coverage. 

The King Size toaster costs £60 and is currently available from Amazon. For more stockist information call 0845 602 1454.

Make breakfast better

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