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Three new Best Buy video baby monitors

15 digital audio and video baby monitors tested
BabyPing Video Monitor

We’ve uncovered three Best Buy video baby monitors in our recent test of 15 audio and video baby monitors. 

This test featured models ranging from just £40 to £165 from all the leading brands, including Angelcare, BT, Motorola and Philips Avent. 

We tested video models with a remote control camera, two that record video clips, and the Baby Ping and the iBaby which use your iPhone, iPad or iPod to let you check in on your baby wherever you are.  

But are the big brands our Best Buys and do the Baby Ping and the iBaby really work? Which? members can visit our expert baby monitors review to find out more.

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iPhone baby monitors

The iBaby and the BabyPing use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as the parent unit. Download an app, then you can connect your Apple device up to the webcam and see and hear your baby.

If using an iPhone, you can check up on your child anywhere that you can get 3G, 4G or wi-fi – ideal if you’re away and missing your baby. But how good are they at giving you a clear image and picking up your baby’s sounds?

Is the iPhone the right smartphone for you? Check out our expert review of the .  

Angelcare, BT, Motorola and Philips Avent  reviews

We’ve also tested leading digital audio and video models from brands such as Angelcare, BT, Motorola and Philips Avent.  

Models tested include:

  • Angelcare AC1120
  • BT Digital Video 1000
  • Motorola MBP16
  • Motorola MBP36
  • Philips Avent Eco Dect SCD535
  • Tomy TD350

Our baby monitor tests

We test the baby monitor features that parents told us are the most important. 

  • Sound quality: we test every model for clarity and quality at all volume settings. Parents told us that sometimes they want to hear their baby’s every breath, and sometimes they want to turn the sound down low.
  • Range inside: the monitors are tested in every room of one modern and one Victorian house (older houses may have thicker walls). We check whether the signal remains clear and unbroken no matter where you wander with the parent unit.
  • Range outside: we walk outside to 100 metres away from the back door to check that you’ll be able to use your monitor in the garden with confidence.
  • Ease of use: our lab assesses how easy and intuitive the monitor is to use. The last thing a half-asleep parent needs is something complicated to operate. 
  • Design: we see how portable and well-designed the monitor is, and subject both the parent and baby unit to a two metre drop test to see if anything breaks.

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