Is new Miele coffee machine worth £1,300?Miele CM6300 bean-to-cup machine rinses itself

07 February 2014

Miele CM6300 coffee machine

Tired of frothing milk yourself? The Miele CM6300 does it for you.

Miele’s new bean-to-cup coffee machines make coffee at a touch of a button, then rinse themselves. All very convenient, but can the coffee possibly justify the huge price tag?

Miele has just launched its first countertop coffee machines, the CM6100 and the CM6300. Both are automatic - so rather than froth milk in a jug yourself, you simply drop a hose into a milk container and press a button for instant cappuccinos - and both let you save your coffee preferences. 

Which? coffee machine expert Yvette Fletcher said: 'Bean-to-cup coffee machines are expensive and Miele is a premium brand, but with these machines costing more than £1,000 each, this is serious money we are talking about. 

'To put the price of the CM6300 in perspective; for the same money you could buy a £3 coffee, five days a week, every week, for a year and eight months – and that doesn’t factor in the cost of the coffee beans, cleaning fluid or descaling tablets. 

'But if you're in the market for a high-end bean-to-cup coffee machine, this could appeal to you - read our full first impressions of the to see what the pros and cons were when we tried it out and whether we think it's worth investing in.'

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Miele coffee machines 

The CM6100 costs £1,099 at House of Fraser, while the CM6300 coffee machine costs £1,299 and comes armed with a cup warmer and a milk flask that keep milk chilled for 12 hours. 

They can each simultaneously make two cups of whatever drink you fancy, from quick espressos to large lattes. 

You can change everything about the coffee to suit your tastes - from the coarseness of the coffee grinding and water temperature to how much espresso, milk and froth is added to each drink - and then save all your favourite settings.

Clean coffee machines

After they have served your drink, these machines will flush water through their coffee dispenser and milk hose, saving you the job of cleaning them.

This won’t get you out of giving the whole machine a good clean regularly, or giving it a good descaling, but it will lengthen times between cleaning and means you can grab a quick cup of bean-to-cup coffee before work without having to wipe anything down after.

These machines are more than double the price of our top scoring bean-to-cup coffee machines - we'd recommend you check these out before making your buying decision. 

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