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Dodgy deliveries change Christmas shopping habits

Make sure you know your delivery rights this Christmas
Stamp out dodgy deliveries campaign

Consumers are changing their Christmas shopping behaviour this year due to poor delivery experiences last Christmas, new research from Which? has found.

One in ten consumers had a problem with the delivery of their Christmas gifts last year.

As a result, one in five of those who had a problem during Christmas 2013 have been put off ordering items online this year. 

Late delivery was cited as the biggest issue among those who had a problem with online Christmas shopping last year. 

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, one in ten of those who had a problem last year will change their online shopping behaviour including ordering earlier, getting deliveries sent to a different address and using a click and collect service.

Consumers are unsure of their rights

The Which? survey of 2,070 UK adults found that nearly half of people don’t know what their rights are if a parcel is left with a neighbour without permission and 72% don’t know their cancellation rights.

Confidence in delivery rights knowledge is lowest among people living in London, with just under half saying they’re unsure of their rights.

Young people also tend to be less aware of their rights, with more than a third of 18-24 year olds not knowing that the retailer is responsible for damaged deliveries.  

This compares to only 16% of the over 65s not knowing who is responsible. Find out all you need to know about your delivery rights.

The biggest frustrations

Lateness, items not arriving in time for Christmas and missed time slots were the biggest frustrations people had with deliveries during the festive period last year.

Other problems cited included receiving a damaged item, finding their parcel left outside without consent and finding a parcel had been left with an unauthorised person.  

Top three tips for a stress free delivery

To help you avoid unnecessary frustrations during this festive season, here’s the top three things you need to know:

Stamp out dodgy deliveries

Which? has launched a campaign to stamp out dodgy deliveries, targeting shops to improve the delivery service they provide. We want retailers to:

  • provide specific time-slots for deliveries on a named day
  • inform customers of the estimated delivery time on the day of delivery by phone, email or text
  • ask customers to specify at the time of purchase what to do if the delivery is unsuccessful 

If you want to stamp out dodgy deliveries, join the campaign today.

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