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Don’t fall for pricey courgetti – get a spiralizer

Find out how a spiralizer can help save you cash

Supermarkets are charging as much as £7 a kilo for pre-prepared spiralized ‘courgetti’ – more than three times as much as loose courgettes cost.

Spiralizers are definitely on-trend and a popular way to eat more healthily by swapping traditional pasta for spaghetti-like noodles made from courgettes, carrots and other vegetables, such as butternut squash. 

Versions of these pre-prepared vegetables have started popping up more and more on supermarket shelves, but our eagle-eyed Which? researchers have spotted that the price of spiralized veg is quite pricey. 

Check out our top spiralizer picks now and get prepping those vegetables.

spiralized courgette

Courgetti is a popular choice for spiralizer lovers

The cost of pre-packed spiralized veg

Pre-prepared courgetti – that’s spiralized courgettes turned into ‘spaghetti’ – can be found on supermarket shelves from £4 a kilo to nearly £7 a kilo, according to a price check we carried out this week. 

You may only be paying a few quid for a bag, but when you compare it to the per-kilo cost of the same veg, it suddenly seems very expensive. 

A kilo of loose courgettes could be found from £1.89 – £2.00, so it’s easy to see just how much of a premium, it seems, is charged for bagged up pre-prepped veggies.  

It’s not just courgettes, either. The humble carrot has been given a 2016 makeover and turned into carrot-spaghetti or ‘carrotetti’ – and slapped with a price increase of over 10 times that for a kilo of loose carrots. 

When we checked, carrot ‘spaghetti’ in Tesco costs £5.00 a kilo, compared to just 45p for a kilo of loose carrots. Butternut squash spaghetti will set you back £4.00 a kilo compared to around £1.50 for a loose squash. 

Save money with a Which?-recommended spiralizer

If you like the idea of spiralized vegetables, but don’t fancy paying ten times as much for someone to spiralize your carrots for you, then we’ve got recommended spiralizers from around £15 that will easily do the job of turning vegetables into noodles, quickly.

Our experts tried out ten bestselling spiralizers on a courgette, a carrot and a sweet potato. Each spiralizer was judged on ease of use, evenness and length of the noodles it produced, and how straightforward it was to take apart and clean. The best spiralizers made it easy to produce quality vegetable spaghetti.

Not only will you save money in the long run with a spiralizer, your vegetable spaghetti will be fresh rather than stuck in a plastic bag – and there’s less packaging too.

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