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Gas cookers vs electric cookers

By Jane Darling

Gas or electric cooker? If your mind isn't made up, find out which cooker is best going to suit your cooking personality and your budget.

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Gas or electric cookers: which are cheaper to run?

Your choice of gas or electric cooker is likely to be influenced by your previous experience of cookers, what you kitchen is already set up for and your own personal cooking preferences.

If you use an electric cooker, you’ll use fewer units of energy but, because electricity costs more than gas per unit, this will end up costing you more.

If you use your cooker for around five hours a week, our tests found that the cheapest gas cooker will cost about £13 a year to run, while the most expensive cookers - all-electric or dual-fuel - will cost closer to £50.

Gas vs electric cookers: pros and cons

Gas cookers

Good hobs Gas hobs offer offer instant and easy-to-control heat that tends to spread evenly across the base of a pan.

Cost Gas is cheaper than electricity, so you’re likely to save yourself some a little money if you cook with this fuel.

Gas cooker cons

Uneven heat distribution. You don’t usually find fans in gas ovens, which makes it harder for the heat to circulate. This means that a gas oven will usually be hotter at the top than at the bottom.

Tricky to clean. Gas hobs are more fiddly to clean than flat ceramic or induction hobs

Installation As with any gas-powered appliance, you'll need to enlist the services of a qualified professional accredited by the Gas Safe Register (previously known as Corgi registered) to install your gas or dual fuel cooker.

Electric cooker pros

Even oven temperature Electric ovens offer you more control over the oven temperature as most have fans to help distribute the heat around the cavity.

Multi-function ovens You can cook with a combination of heat from the top and the bottom of the oven, the grill and fan in an electric multi-function oven.

Easy-to-clean hobs An electric cooker’s ceramic hob is easier to clean than the burners and metal risers on a gas cooker.

Electric cooker cons

Cost Electric cookers cost more to run than gas cookers.

Slow hobs If your pan is bigger than the hob ring, it will take longer to heat up with electricity than with gas.


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