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Top 11 hob brands for 2017

By Jane Darling

Discover which hob brands are worth buying with our list of the best, and worst. Together, our tough hob tests and owner survey reveal the best brands.

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You told us you expect a new hob to last for over a decade. But only our independent hob tests, combined with feedback we've gathered from hob owners, can reveal which brands are worth buying.

Years of experience testing hobs from all the major brands and across gas, electric and induction models, has given us an unrivalled knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the main hob brands, including which can be trusted to cook to perfection, and which brands last the longest without developing faults. 

Below we share what we've learnt about each of the biggest hob brands such as AEG, Bosch, Hotpoint, Neff and Zanussi. Our insider advice will reveal which brands score the best in our tests, which ones you can trust to be fault-free - and which you should avoid altogether.

Head straight to our hob reviews if you simply want to find out which of the many gas, induction and ceramic electric models out there are the best.

On this page, we reveal which hob brands are the highest-rated for 2017. The table below gives an at-a-glance guide to how the main hob brands compare. Only logged-in Which? members can view our exclusive ratings and verdicts in the table below. If you're not yet a member, sign up for a £1 trial to get instant access.
Table of hob brands
Hob brands rated
Brand Average test score Reliability rating Customer score Verdict
N/A N/A This brand achieves a super-impressive 98% score, so tops this year's hob reliability charts. You'd be very unlucky to suffer a breakdown with one of this brand's hobs. In our survey, after a decade, only 3% of hob owners had experienced a fault. While we didn't test any hobs from this brand this year, we do have a Best Buy from earlier testing. Hobs from this brand generally won't break the bank, so could make a good choice.
48% 79% This year, this brand takes runners-up position in terms of reliability, and also gets second highest customer score - nearly four in five of owners would recommend a hob from this brand to a friend. They're on the pricey side - over £500 on average - but owners consider them good value for money. Unfortunately the one hob we tested this year from this brand failed to impress, getting less than half marks at the test lab.
N/A N/A Four out of 10 of this brand's hob owners stick to the same brand when it comes to replacing their hob. And considering only 7% are unlucky enough to have a fault over 10 years, it's easy to see why the brand attracts this loyalty. We didn't test any hobs from this brand this year, but we do have a Best Buy from earlier tests.
58% 57% One of the three hobs we tested from this brand in 2016 is a great induction Best Buy. However, the gas and electric ceramic hobs didn't excel in the same way, which is why the average test score is only in the high 50s. Less than half of owners would recommend a hob from this brand to their friends, and when it came to buying their next hob, owners looked elsewhere. This brand's hobs are reliable, though, so you could come up trumps if you choose the right one.
63% 76% We unearthed one excellent induction model from the three hobs from this brand we tested this year. The gas and ceramic electric models didn't impress in the same way, though it is a big ask for them to beat induction. This brand's hobs are reliable and are well-liked by Which? members. Customers are loyal too - 50% go for the same brand when replacing their hob and over three-quarters would recommend this brand to a friend.
64% 80% When it comes to cooking, Which? members love this brand. The two induction hobs we tested this year were both great - in fact one is our top Best Buy. The same cannot be said for the gas hobs we tried out, but gas does struggle to compete with induction. This brand's hobs are reliable and owners consider them good value for money. Four out of five would recommend one to a friend - this year's top customer score - and, at replacement time, a third go for another from the same brand.
62% 70% A hob from this brand could be a great bargain buy if you choose carefully. An induction model won Best Buy status in our most recent testing and an electric ceramic hob has been a long-standing Best Buy. Overall, owners consider hobs from this brand good value for money and three in 10 would recommend one to a friend.
N/A 52% This brand isn't the biggest out there, but it is one of the cheapest, and emerged from this year's hob survey as a reliable brand. While you are unlikely to be troubled with breakdowns if you buy a hob from this brand, owners aren't overly enthusiastic about them - only a little more than half would recommend this brand to a friend.
68% 77% This brand makes good hobs. Two induction models are Best Buys from recent testing, and there's another induction hob and a gas one too from earlier testing that are Best Buys. Owners are happy with their hobs, and over three-quarters would recommend one to a friend. This brand isn't the cheapest, but its hobs are reliable and  owners think them good value for money. Also, half go for another hob from this brand when replacing their current model, which is impressive brand loyalty.
76% N/A This brand of hob gets five stars for reliability - just - in this year's survey, which is a good result considering it is such a budget brand. Breakdowns are rare - only one in 10 of this brand's hobs develop a fault in their first decade. In our recent testing we awarded Best Buy status to one of its induction hobs.
79% N/A Hobs from this brand are never likely to be cheap, but they are likely to be good. We tested one of this brand's induction hobs recently and it sailed into our Best Buy listings no problem. Although the brand doesn't get a five-star rating for reliability, its hobs shouldn't have you calling the engineer every five minutes - after five years only one in 10 will have had some kind of fault.
Table notes Customer score and brand reliability ratings are based on a Which? member survey of 1,613 people conducted in October 2016. The customer score is based on member satisfaction and whether members would recommend the brand to a friend. Reliability is based on whether members experienced problems with their hob. The average test score is calculated using results of all models tested to the current test programme. For hobs, this is 2016 only so sample sizes are small per brand. N/A means the sample size was too small to give a rating or we didn't test models from this brand in 2016. Table correct as of November 2016.


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Choosing the best brand of hob

Investing in a decent hob makes all the difference in the kitchen. Top-scoring models from our tests give you the control you need to switch between heating up a big pan of water for your pasta fast - and gently simmering the sauce to go on top. A great hob will be a pleasure to use, easy to clean and reliable, so it won't have you calling out the engineer for costly repairs and leave you wishing you'd chosen a different brand.

79% The customer score awarded to the top-rated brand of hob

While many hob brands are reliable, owner satisfaction with their hob varies greatly. When it comes to the poorest brand, barely one in two would recommend their hob to a friend, while with the best, this figure shoots up to four out of five.Two brands can boast very loyal customers - when their hob finally ended its days, half of the owners went for the same brand again.

How we calculate the best and worst brands

We analyse the information about faults and breakdowns we get from our survey of hob owners to calculate the reliability ratings shown above. We assess the severity of the problems and also take into account the age of the hob, so older hobs or those with relatively minor faults aren't marked down unfairly. 

The brands with the fewest major problems reported by owners score the highest for reliability and vice versa. In our table, we also include a customer score which reflects how satisfied people are with their brand of hob and how likely they would be to recommend it to a friend.


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