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Apple iPhone vs Samsung Galaxy mobile phones

By Oli McKean

iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7? We put the battery life, screen quality and cameras through our tough lab test to find out which flagship phone is best, and how the older models stack up.

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Since launching the iPhone in 2007, Apple has dominated the mobile phone market. But the Samsung Galaxy range has become its biggest rival - something proven in our lab tests. We compare the battery life, screen quality and overall score of their key models. 

If you're looking for a high-end mobile phone, chances are you're considering the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6 or the Apple iPhone 7 and 6s. Both brands produce phones that are at the very expensive end of the market. The iPhone 7 will set you back £599, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S7 is slightly less, with a price tag of £549.

On paper they look like an even match. The Samsung S7 is slightly bigger, measuring 5.1-inches across the screen compared to the 4.7-inch iPhone 7. And they both feature 12Mp rear-facing cameras. But our lab tests have proven that one phone performs better than the other - including far better battery life. 

Find our test results for Samsung and Apple phones below. 

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Phone Our verdict Screen quality Battery Score
Apple iPhone 7 Apple iPhone 7

The newest iPhone on the market is - of course - also the most expensive at just one pound shy of £600. Its brand new A10 Fusion processor should be even faster than previous generations and the familiar 12Mp rear-facing camera rarely fails to impress. But how does it compare to its Android rivals?  

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Apple iPhone 6S Apple iPhone 6s

One of two iPhones to be launched in September 2015 – this has now been superseded by the 7. It introduced pressure-sensitive screens to the Apple range which were supposed to make the phone easier to use. But can it beat Samsung's S7 and S6? 

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Apple iPhone 6 Samsung Galaxy S7

With a sleek metallic exterior, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has certainly caught up with the iPhone in the style stakes. But how does it compare when it comes to battery life and screen quality? We ran it through our tough tests to find out. 

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Apple iPhone 6 Plus Samsung Galaxy S6

This is Samsung's hero phone from back in 2014. It's had a welcome price drop since it first launched, coming in at less than £400. But how does Samsung's tech from yesteryear compare to Apple's more recent rivals?  

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How we rate iPhone and Samsung smartphones

Each and every mobile phone that passes through our test labs is subjected to the same set of tough lab tests. This enables us to compare them side-by-side and tell you which are worthy of your money. You can use our test results to avoid slow phones that can't take decent photos, and instead spend your money on a good-quality model that won't constantly need recharging.

We examine everything - from the speed of the processor, the quality of the screen and cameras, how long the battery lasts and whether the call quality is any good. Our tests are unique. For example, when testing how quick each phone is, we don't just use the industry-standard speed tests, but we also rate what it's like in everyday use. Our testers assess whether the phone's sluggish when swiping through menus and how quickly it opens web pages. All of these factors enable us to generate our star ratings and give each and every phone a score.

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