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Which? Don't Buy printers

by Andrew Laughlin

A Don't Buy printer will turn out low quality prints and cost you a fortune to run. Don’t waste your money on these poor printers.

Put us to the test

Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Try Which? to unlock our reviews. You'll instantly be able to compare our test scores, so you can make sure you don't get stuck with a Don't Buy.

Find out which printers are Don’t Buys and which are Best Buys by taking out a a £1 trial to Which?

Low quality prints, high running costs

When it comes to printers, fantastical marketing claims can make even a terrible model sound like a dream. Don't be seduced by a budget price, either, as you could see your ink and toner bills go through the roof when you get that printer home. 

Our expert and independent testing exposes the Don’t Buy printers that will leave you out of pocket and patience.

As well as the Don’t Buys, we also reveal the printers that you can rely on. Whether you’re printing off a vital document or turning out the latest family newsletter, Best Buy and high scoring printers are everything that the Don't Buys aren't.  

The problem with bad printers

  • Don’t Buy printers produce text, graphics and photo prints that best belong in the bin
  • They guzzle your ink, too – printing a 300-page report on an inefficient inkjet printer could cost you £29.30, compared to £1.10 with a frugal machine
  • A Don’t Buy will chug so slowly through any print job that you’d be better off writing the document out yourself

Which? helps you avoid Don’t Buy printers

Every year, we test laser and inkjet printers from all the big names, such as HP, Canon, Brother and Samsung, to help uncover the Best Buys and the Don’t Buys.

We don’t want you to end up with a Don’t Buy printer – they’re low quality, poorly made and won’t make your life any easier. 

  • Our lab experts put every printer through an exhaustive series of tests, covering how easy the printer is to use, the quality of its prints and extra features, such as a copier
  • We assess how much ink the printer uses while printing continuously, as well as on an occasional basis – and we see big, big differences
  • We give every printer a Which? test score so you can immediately see at-a-glance which are the best and worst, plus how each model compares to each other in features and specifications

We buy all the products that we test and don't take advertising, so you can rely on our verdicts being both rigorous and trustworthy. 

Using our expertise and experience, we show you the printers that are worth buying, and the ones that aren’t. In short, we endure the Don’t Buys so you don’t have to.

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