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  1. 31 MAY 2016
    Best TVs for watching sport

    Discover the best TVs for handling the fast pace of this summer’s sport – perfect for watching the football, athletics and cycling over the coming months. With the Euros just over a week away, now could be the time to finally upgrade your old TV for a brand-spanking-new set. But even if football isn’t your…

  2. 30 MAY 2016
    How much do you need to spend to get a top tablet?

    Does spending more money really guarantee a better tablet? We thought we’d find out – the results may surprise you. Conventional logic suggests that the more expensive something is the better it is. Or, if not quite that, then at the very least you need to spend extra to get something of truly great quality. But...

  3. 29 MAY 2016
    Is your sat nav app data safe?

    After the Waze sat nav app was revealed to have security issues, we take a look at the problem and how you can protect your sat nav app data. Sat nav apps offer a great alternative to a standalone device. They’re convenient and often cheap or free, and most do a decent job of replicating...

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