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  1. 23 JUL 2016
    Will smartphone encryption protect your data from hackers?

    Malware like HummingBad is affecting up to 10 million Android phones, so will encryption protect your data and make your phone harder to infiltrate? Smartphones are more computer than phone and, like computers, are susceptible to hacks, viruses and malware. As these versatile phones have become more advanced, we’ve come to rely on them for...

  2. 22 JUL 2016
    We reveal the latest mobile phone signal boosters

    Looking for a mobile phone signal booster? It used to be the case that if you had a poor mobile phone signal at home, there was little you could do. If you were lucky, your provider let you out of your contract. But most people were locked in to a service they were often unable to use....

  3. 21 JUL 2016
    How Google Play’s Family Library could save you money

    Following in Apple’s footsteps, Google now offers families the chance to share apps and media on Android devices – we tell you how. In an earlier blog post, we covered Apple’s Family Sharing – a way for family members to share their mobile purchases. The good news is that Google will be bringing its own...

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