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  1. 27 JUN 2016
    The best smartphones under £300

    A capable, good-looking handset doesn’t have to leave you penniless. Take a look at our pick of the best smartphones under £300. Often, the gap between flagship handsets and their older-generation cousins isn’t as wide as you might think – cheap doesn’t have to mean compromise. We’ve chosen four Best Buy smartphones that sit comfortably under £300.…

  2. 26 JUN 2016
    Five common tech myths debunked

    If you’re buying new tech, don’t let marketing speak or rumours confuse you. We dispel five top tech myths so you know fact from fiction. Advice on buying and using tech is not exactly in short supply but it’s not always trustworthy. Here’s our pick of gadget theories that need to be banished, covering megapixels,...

  3. 25 JUN 2016
    Samsung Galaxy S7 vs LG G5 – which phone is best?

    The Android phone market is a busy place – two giants jostling for position are the Samsung Galaxy S7 and rival LG G5. We pit the two against each other. Wondering whether the Samsung S7 or the LG G5 is the smartphone for you? The two giants of the mobile market went head-to-head at this...

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