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  1. 13 FEB 2016
    10 essential Windows 10 tips

    Whether you’ve just upgraded or you’ve been using Windows 10 for a while, here are 10 of the best ways to get more from your computer. Microsoft’s new operating system is one of its best ever and thanks to the free install more and more people are jumping on board with Windows 10. Windows 10...

  2. 12 FEB 2016
    Netflix UK vs Netflix US – who gets the best movies?

    There are thousands of movies on Netflix but are subscribers in the UK getting a raw deal compared with those in the US? We investigate. You’d be hard-pressed to complain about the amount of choice on Netflix. Whether you’re using it to keep the kids amused, or want to enjoy fascinating documentaries or blockbuster movies,...

  3. 11 FEB 2016
    Smart home hubs – three first look verdicts

    We take a look at the latest smart home hubs on offer. Can these Panasonic, Samsung and Swann devices help keep your home secure? Smart home hubs offer you a way to connect smart devices together and control them through a single system and accompanying app so you can easily secure and monitor your home....

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