iPod 2012 range - Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Touch - taster

MP3 players: How to choose the best iPod

  • Choose and buy the best iPod - Shuffle, Nano, Classic or Touch
  • Where can you find cheap iPod deals?
  • Find out whether the iPhone might be a better option

What's in this guide

iPods for music, video and games

Apple iPods versus other MP3 players – and which to choose for music, video or games

Apple iPod Shuffle

The smallest, simplest model - the iPod Shuffle is perfect for music in the gym as long as you don't need an LCD screen

Apple iPod Nano

Choose the iPod Nano for a colourful medium-capacity MP3 player

Apple iPod Classic

The Classic iPod with 160GB hard disk, so you can take your entire MP3 music collection with you

Apple iPod Touch

The touchscreen iPod that can play games to rival the Nintendo DS and Sony PSP

Apple iPhone

Find out whether you should choose the iconic iPhone with integrated iPod - or an iPod Touch

Buying an iPod

Tips on getting a cheap iPod deal, and accessories such as MP3 player speaker docks