MP3 players: Compare features & prices Apple iPod Shuffle (fourth generation) review

The fourth generation of the Apple iPod Shuffle, launched in September 2010, is the smallest iPod ever made. It's a great device for using at the gym, and at just £39 its fantastic value. But will the reduced size, and price tag, compromise its performance? We were keen to put it through our MP3 player test to find out.
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User Image wrote:
SPID360 wrote:
Good sound but poor quality
I bought this to use at the gym and was stunned by its sound quality when coupled with a pair of Goldring headphones. Unfortunately it only lasted 13 months before the headphone socket broke causing it to play out of one earphone and not charge. My wife bought one at the same time and although hers still works she is on her 4th charging lead as the others have broken.
9/6/2013 5:39 PM CUT

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