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The Sony NWZ-B152 is a small, light and ultraportable MP3 player. It's very basic, lacking many of the advanced features found in other music players, but it is very cheap. We were keen to see whether the B152 was a good budget option, or whether Sony had sacrificed performance for a small price tag.
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Test criteria Rating
Music player
Sound, supplied headphones Subscribe
Sound, Best Buy headphones Subscribe
Versatility The players speed, compatability with computer operating systems and any extra functions . Subscribe
Music player ease of use Subscribe
Maximum volume Is the maximum volume likely to cause hearing damage with long periods of use? Subscribe
Portability How easy it is to carry and use the player while on the move. Subscribe
Durability A check to see if players can withstand the odd knock or jolt while in a pocket or bag. Subscribe
Photo and video player
Viewing photos Considers loading photos, compatible file formats, quality of the display and viewing the screen indoors and out. Subscribe
Video display quality Considers angle of view, image quality and reflectiveness Subscribe
Video ease of use Considers the ease of adding and playing videos Subscribe
Overall video player Considers loading video, compatible video formats, quality of the display, viewing the screen indoors and out, ease of use and battery life. Subscribe
Music player battery life Subscribe
Video player battery life Subscribe
Battery charging Subscribe

Sony NWZ-B152

  • Launch date: Apr 2010
  • Type: Music only
  • Which? score: Subscribe
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