MP3 speaker docks: Compare features & prices Bose SoundDock Portable review

As speaker docks go the sound quality of this stylish offering from Bose is pretty good. However at this price, the lack of controls, either on the set or via the remote, are a big disappointment.
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User Image wrote:
2011-08-13 12:47:41.457 wrote:
I originally purchased this to use with my iPod nano. The battery life is as good as they say and sound quality is excellent. Six months ago I purchased a new 47" HD TV. As expected the sound quality from the TV was thin and not suitable for movies or music. So I connected up the Bose speaker to my TV via the optical out. I then had to put the signal through a cheap digital to analogue output device (about the size of a matchbox). The output from the D to A goes directly into the Aux in. Now we can watch TV with very impressive room filling sound as well as using it to dock the iPod - saved me purchasing a soundbar!
16/12/2011 7:43 PM GST
User Image wrote:
Pango2707 wrote:
Great Sound System
Very impressed with the sound quality for the size of this system. There were a number of similar systems availably when I made this purchase and I am confident I made the right choice for this price range. The inbuilt battery for totally portable use is a great feature. I would recommend to anyone.
20/3/2010 1:40 PM GST
User Image wrote:
Beebee wrote:
Definitely worth the money
The portability is an excellent feature and the sound quality is very good. Once charged can last up to eight hours although playing it full blast will reduce that. No negatives with the product at all and we liked the fact that we could pay in instalments at no visible extra cost (we do realise that is built in!). However, we were peeved at Christmas to discover we'd need a new one if we bought the updated Ipod, and we think they ought to be offering an adaptor for purchase, rather than us having to buy new speakers.
19/2/2009 10:58 AM GST

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