How we test computer speakers

Sound quality

Expert listeners rating the sound of our test computer speakers

Speakers are tested by our experts

3 highly experienced panellists assessed the speakers using a variety of audio material in back-to-back tests. They rated how well the speakers performed in playing back classical music, jazz, pop, spoken word, movie soundtracks and computer games.

To come up with a rating the panel compared the speakers with former Best Buy surround sound systems. We also took account of the maximum volume levels.

Ease of use

We assessed whether the manuals are easy to read and understand and how comprehensive they are. We also rated how easy the speakers are to set up, giving more weight to this score with the more complex surround sound speakers.

In addition, we asked questions such as: How easy is to adjust the volume? Are the other controls easy to use?


Certain important features were noted and rated, such as the presence of headphone outputs, extra inputs, speaker stands and remote controls.

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