Using the BBC iPlayer Downloading shows

Get the iPlayer download manager
Install security warning

Follow the same steps as you would to view a show online but instead of clicking the big play icon, click Download indicated underneath the viewing screen (if your computer is incompatible with iPlayer downloads you won’t see this link).

The first time you choose to download a programme, you'll be prompted to install the iPlayer Download Manager software. Save the installation file and double-click on it to install the software on to your computer. Read and accept the licence agreement and follow the setup steps. 

Your security software may throw up a few warnings during the process but it’s safe to allow connections through.

1Get your show

After the software has been set up you'll be brought back to the iPlayer website. When you click the Download link this time around your show will start downloading via the iPlayer software. The more people are downloading the show, the quicker it will be to download it. Progress is indicated on the iPlayer Download Manager screen.

2View the show 

Use the iPlayer Download Manager to view your show by clicking Watch Now underneath the listing. After you do this you have 7 days to watch the show before it is deleted. Otherwise shows are stored on your computer for a month. 

You can view shows in full screen mode by clicking the icon at the bottom right of the viewing screen. Press the ESC button to exit this mode.

3Tweak settings 

The iPlayer uses peer-to-peer technology and this means your computer is helping others to download shows faster by anonymously uploading files to others' computers. By default, this is happening even when the Download Manager is off. 

If you have upload limits or if this is causing your computer to slow down you can turn this off by clicking Settings and unticking the box under 'Peer-to-peer Network Participation'.

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