Using the BBC iPlayer Viewing shows online

1Browse for a programme 

Download one

Go to the iPlayer website. To browse the week's listings, click ‘Last 7 days’ on the left hand sidebar then click on a day of the week to browse the day's listings. You can choose to password-protect certain shows should you feel the content is unsuitable for under 16s.

Browsing by category and channel works in a similar way. If you know what you're looking for, you can use the search box at the top right of the screen, type in your query and click Find Programmes. 

Once you've found the programme you want to watch, simply click on the show's name to visit the page and start streaming or downloading. 

2View a programme 

Click the large play icon and the show automatically starts streaming to your computer. To view it in full screen mode press the square icon at the bottom right of the viewing screen. To exit and minimise once more, all you need to do is press the ESC key.

Note that the picture quality of streaming shows won't be as detailed when viewed in full screen mode.

3Monitor your progress

Got any problems with interruptions or pauses during viewing? Check the progress indicator underneath the viewing screen. The white bar shows how much of the show has been buffered, or prepared, for viewing as it makes its way to your computer. 

The pink bar shows how much of the show you've watched. The white bar always has to be ahead of the pink one in order for you to watch the show smoothly, so it may be worth pausing the show until the white bar progresses far enough. If it doesn't, your broadband connection may be busy.

Some web browser add-ons can make it easier to watch videos on iPlayer.

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