Using the BBC iPlayer What else do I need?


Check the iPlayer's settings are compatible with your computer

Before you begin, check that your computer setup is compatible with the iPlayer. 

For example, Mac users won't be able to download and store BBC programmes to your computer to watch them later. This is because the Beeb's DRM technology is only compatible with Windows computers. 

The good news is you can still watch the lower-quality streaming versions on the BBC iPlayer website. 

Before downloading a frenzy of programmes, check with your internet service provider (ISP) about any monthly internet usage allowances, which are calculated by the amount of data you download from the internet.

Downloading an hour-long programme takes up around 600MB of your monthly allowance. If you exceed your allowance you may be charged extra or your broadband speeds will be drastically reduced.

iPlayer restrictions

You can currently only watch BBC iPlayer within the UK. Fans of BBC shows who try to watch iPlayer outside of the UK will find themselves unable to view due to rights restrictions.

International viewing restrictions apply both to those who live abroad as well as UK residents who try to stream or download iPlayer shows to their laptops or mobile phones when they are abroad.

The only way around this is to download an iPlayer show before you leave the UK - according to the BBC iPlayer website this can then be watched anywhere in the world.

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