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The Google Nexus 7 is an interesting tablet. It's a high-specification device from a big name at a cheaper price point that the Apple iPad Mini. What's it like in practice? Is it worth buying, or is the sub-£200 price a false economy? We rushed it to our lab to find out.
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Test criteria Rating
Processor speed Speed of processor based on benchmarking tests Subscribe
Web browsing Overall performance when browsing the web - some older models do not have a rating here as they were tested under an old test programme Subscribe
Touchscreen response Feel and response of screen Subscribe
Virtual keyboad Size and shape of keys, keyboard and entry features, ease of typing Subscribe
Ease of use Subscribe
Screen Viewing angle, colour purity, absence from reflections, resolution tested in mid-lit and brightly lit rooms and other screen features Subscribe
Sound quality Sound quality from internal speakers. Using headphones usually vastly improves this. Subscribe
Rear camera Quality of rear-facing camera Subscribe
Front camera Subscribe
Battery How long a fully charged battery lasts when browsing the web via wi-fi Subscribe
Features Subscribe
Performance How quickly  it copies files over wi-fi and how smoothly it streams video and music Subscribe

Google Nexus 7

  • Launch date: Jul 2012
  • Which? score: Subscribe
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