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You may have noticed your local Tesco inviting you to Hudl. No, the grocery giant doesn't want an embrace; rather it wants you to invest in its first tablet. Although not part of Tesco's value range, this tablet is very cheap. It looks sturdy on the outside, but is it up to the job on the inside? We ran it through our tests to find out.
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Specification criteria Specification
Test Date 28 October 2013
Operating system (OS) Android
OS Version tested The operating system on the device at the time of test. This may have since been updated. Android 4.2.2
Processor (GHz) Processor clock speed 1.61
Claimed storage size (GB) 16.0
Available storage (GB) This tells you the actual size of the internal memory available for you to use. A large internal memory helps you store more videos and music. 11
Flash support Whether the device is able to display Flash content on web pages No
Forward facing camera resolution (Mp) 1
Rear camera resolution (Mp) 3
Physical keyboard provided No
Test Programme Version Due to improvements in our testing procedures to account for new features and developments, note that tablets tested in different test programme years aren't directly comparable 2013
USB 2.0 Whether the device has a full-sized USB port No
Wi-fi (802.11g) Whether the device can use the 802.11g wireless standard Yes
Wi-fi (802.11n) Whether the device can use the faster 802.11n wireless standard Yes
Wi fi (802.11n 5GHz) Whether the device can operate on the less crowded 5GHz wireless frequency Yes
3G Whether there is a SIM card slot for connecting to a 3G network No
Bluetooth Whether the device can connect with other bluetooth (short-range wireless) devices Yes
GPS A GPS receiver uses satellites to find your location Yes
SD Card Whether the device accepts SD memory cards. Many cameras use SD cards. No
Micro SD card Whether the device accepts micro SD memory cards. Many mobile phones use micro SD cards. Yes
HDMI output For hooking up to a HDTV Yes
Sound and vision
Screen size (inches) Diagonal size of the screen 7.0
Screen resolution Often, more resolution means more detail in the picture displayed 900 x 1440
Touchscreen type Capacitive screens are generally more responsive to a finger touch than resistive screens capacitive
Built in webcam 2
Dimensions (mm) 128 x 192 x 10.7
Weight (kg) 0.367

Tesco Hudl

  • Launch date: Sep 2013
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