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We ask thousands of mobile phone customers about their experiences so we can tell you exactly how Talkmobile's customers rate its service and how it compares with other providers.

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Talkmobile customer satisfaction survey results
Service typeCustomer serviceEase of contactingValue for moneyIncentivesCustomer score
ContractSubscriber only contentSubscriber only contentSubscriber only contentSubscriber only contentSubscriber only content

Table notes: We sampled 3,530 mobile phones customers in February 2015. Customer score combines overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend.

What makes a Which? Recommended mobile phone provider?

Which? mobile phone Recommended Providers are the cream of the crop and the accolade is only given out to companies that achieve a customer score of 70% or above. Our customer scores are based on how members rate their providers for overall satisfaction, and how likely they are to recommend their provider to a friend.

Our latest survey In February 2015 we surveyed over 3,500 members of the public and asked them about their mobile phone provider. We report on all companies with at least 30 survey responses.

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