Keep your data safe Why should I back up my data?

Like any insurance, backing up can feel like a waste of time and money – until you really need it. Imagine how you’d feel if one day all your precious family photographs, videos of special events or your music collection just disappeared?

However, if you have a good backup strategy in place, there’s no need to panic – you’ll have a copy of your files and folders saved to a separate drive or perhaps online. From here, you can retrieve your files easily.

A truly failsafe system shouldn’t rely on storage you keep in your house; backups to a hard disk could be stolen or damaged in a fire. The ideal solution involves something stored remotely – for example, online backup systems.

Services cost about £5 a month (but there are free ones), and offer 10GB-50GB of storage. Alternatively, you can use a portable external hard drive, or and store your data away from your home.

Read the results of our external hard drives customer satisfaction survey to find out which brand performed best. Most external hard drives will come bundled with software, but this isn’t as flexible as some standalone versions that you can buy separately.

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