Indoor aerials: Best Buys Best buy

Increase your chances of getting a decent digital picture. Our Best Buys could be a useful alternative to a roof-top aerial.

Indoor Aerial

A Best Buy indoor aerial maximizes your chances of getting a decent picture but is no guarantee of success. Where you live, the size of surrounding buildings and the position of the aerial all play their part.

  • We test indoor aerials in the lab and in real homes in different locations to ensure they work whatever transmitter you receive your TV signals from. 
  • Each aerial is assessed to see how easy it is to set-up and use, that the cable is a decent length.
  • We check whether any built-in amplifier actually improves the performance of the aerial - many do not.

For the price of a £1 trial, we can tell you the best and help you avoid getting stuck with a dud and poor reception.

What makes a Best Buy indoor TV aerial

We put every aerial through the same tests - a mixture of technical lab testing and real-life testing in homes.

We also ensure that reception is good across the whole TV band. Digital TV and radio stations are grouped in bundles called multiplexes that are transmitted at different frequencies across the TV band. There are six multiplexes altogether. Poor reception in one part of the TV band could mean you can’t receive a multiplex and therefore you will miss out on all the channels it carries. Best Buy aerials perform well across the whole band so you should receive all the channels available.

Find the best indoor aerial around by taking out a £1 trial to Which? and discover our expert reviews.