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From TVs and Blu-ray players to sound bars and streaming boxes, Which? reviews hundreds of home entertainment products every year. Read on to discover our Best Buys and Don’t Buys, learn about innovations like smart TV and film streaming, or see what makes our tests unique.


  1. 622 televisions
  2. 48 sound bars
  3. 20 home cinema systems
  4. 44 Blu-ray DVD players
  5. 46 PVRs
  6. 15 TV DVD combis
  7. 31 set-top boxes
  8. 14 indoor aerials
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Which? Tech Daily
  1. 24 MAY 2015
    Best Buy tech from the Which? test lab – May 2015

    We round up all of the Best Buy technology to have been tested by our lab experts in May, including a top-scoring mobile phone and two fantastic cameras. Every month we test hundreds of products at Which? to bring you the most accurate picture of the products available right now. We review everything, from those…

  2. 24 MAY 2015
    Home printer ink refill kits – good value, or just plain messy?

    The real cost of home printer ink refill kits revealed. Print quality of ink refills compared to branded printer ink and tips on how to refill ink cartridges at home.

  3. 22 MAY 2015
    10 essential PC tips and tricks

    From getting rid of internet adverts to never typing ‘www.’ again, we reveal the tips that will make you a better PC user. Here at Which? it is our primary duty to ensure that you’re always using the best technology possible. Following our Best Buy awards and in-depth reviews should mean that your laptop or PC is...

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