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  1. 24 NOV 2014
    How long will your printer last? We can tell you

    We asked over 6,000 printer owners about any faults their device had developed over the last five years. Sooner or later, most machines with habitually moving parts suffer some kind of mild (or severe) fault – and home printers are no different. They have moving nozzles, paper feeders and might even have a scanner on... Read more »

  2. 23 NOV 2014
    Are you paying too much for line rental? Six years of price rises revealed

    BT, Sky and TalkTalk will deliver an unwanted early Christmas present to customers when they hike the cost of line rental on 1 December. Do you think you have a good deal with your telephone provider? Perhaps you’ve battled price hikes by switching provider, paid a year’s line rental upfront or bundled a broadband, phone... Read more »

  3. 21 NOV 2014
    Extended warranties – how to shop smarter when buying one

    Our follow-up investigation finds extended warranties are still not always being sold responsibly by retailers. Last year, we were told by a shop salesperson during an undercover investigation that we could rip the door off a washing machine and still claim for it under an extended warranty. In our 2014 mystery shop follow-up, we asked sales staff at... Read more »

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