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  1. 22 AUG 2014
    Is it time to upgrade your TV?

    We look at what’s changed since you bought your last TV, and whether recent improvements would make an upgrade worthwhile. Should you upgrade your TV? If you find yourself looking longingly at the latest sets in the shop window, maybe the time is right. The big question is, what has changed since you bought your... Read more »

  2. 21 AUG 2014
    Canon vs Nikon – which camera brand is best?

    When buying a camera there are two main brands to choose from: Canon and Nikon. We reveal which is best. There are some big rivalries in tech, but none quite like Canon vs Nikon. The two camera manufacturers were at each other’s throats long before Apple and Samsung even realised they were in competition. Photographers... Read more »

  3. 20 AUG 2014
    Smart TV spying – are you watching TV, or is it watching you?

    Today’s smart TVs are spying on how we watch television, and their makers can earn money from it. When you agree to your smart TV’s T&Cs, you may not be aware that you’re permitting the manufacturer to snoop on how you use your TV – from the programmes you watch, to the websites you visit.... Read more »

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