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  1. 21 JUL 2014
    UK vs US pricing – do we pay too much?

    Short of moving to the US, is there a way to get round the UK’s higher tech prices? There’s a long-held perception that, compared with our transatlantic cousins, we tend to pay a premium for goods in the UK. If you’ve ever been on holiday to the States, you’ll probably have noticed the bargain prices... Read more »

  2. 21 JUL 2014
    Top five tech for listening to music

    Our audio expert shows you five tech products for listening to your favourite music, including sound bars, radios and speaker docks. These days there seem to be as many ways to listen to music as there are Beatles records: from DAB, CDs, and internet streaming, to Bluetooth speakers, iPods and tablets. If you’re a music... Read more »

  3. 20 JUL 2014
    The best camera phones – top five [Update]

    With mobile phone cameras becoming increasingly sophisticated and starting to rival dedicated point and click cameras we take a look at five of the best camera phones.

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