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  1. 30 AUG 2014
    IFA 2014 preview – smartphones

    From the LG G3 Stylus to the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, we preview the smartphones we expect to see at IFA 2014. While a great many of the year’s flagship smartphones were unveiled at MWC 2014 in February, there are still plenty of phone announcements in store at IFA 2014. Read on the find out what... Read more »

  2. 29 AUG 2014
    Choosing the right size TV for you [Video]

    Televisions come in a huge variety of sizes, and it’s essential to pick the right one for your room. Buying a TV is one of the most expensive tech purchases you’ll make, which is why it’s so important you buy the right one for you. A big factor is the television’s size, as you don’t... Read more »

  3. 29 AUG 2014
    IFA 2014 preview – televisions

    Europe’s premier technology show, IFA, is fast approaching. Here’s what to expect from the world of televisions – 4K, curved screens and more. Most new televisions for 2014 have been announced and released already, but the TV manufacturers usually hold back a few surprises for IFA, Europe’s premier technology show, in Berlin. Just like CES back... Read more »

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