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  1. 28 JUL 2014
    How to save money on a new PC

    Are you looking for new PC that won’t break the bank? Then read on for our top tips that could save you over £300 on your next computer. Spending upwards of £600 on a new computer can seem a bit steep, especially if you only want something basic for browsing the web and whipping up... Read more »

  2. 26 JUL 2014
    Best apps for international calls – can Tesco or BT rival Skype?

    Since Skype appeared, the cost of calling overseas has plummeted. Millions of us can now happily chinwag with globe-trotting relatives, but Skype now has competition. Calling abroad can be downright expensive, even for holidaymakers briefly calling home to confirm their safe arrival. Adding a bundle to your landline or mobile plan, texting and using local... Read more »

  3. 25 JUL 2014
    Helpdesk Challenge – how to tether your tablet to wi-fi

    Find out how tether an iPad or Android tablet to your mobile phone, so you can access the internet without a wi-fi connection. The majority of tablets we buy are wi-fi only models and so can’t connect to the internet over a 3G connection. You might think this restricts you to only being able browse... Read more »

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