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  1. 31 OCT 2014
    Do we need ‘smart’ home phones?

    BT has recently launched a new cordless phone, the BT Home SmartPhone S. New home phones usually attract little attention – but this is rather different from the norm. A wave of ‘smart’ home phones has hit the market, including the Panasonic KX-PRX120, the Gigaset SL930a and, most recently, the new BT Home SmartPhone S.... Read more »

  2. 30 OCT 2014
    HP Sprout – the ‘immersive’ future of home computing?

    It might seem a bit early to be thinking about sprouts, but if you’re ready to ditch your keyboard and mouse then HP’s ‘immersive PC’ is worth looking at. The humble keyboard and mouse have been the tried and trusted control inputs of home PCs since time immemorial, but could all that be about to... Read more »

  3. 29 OCT 2014
    TomTom Go 50 sat nav – first look review

    Will the TomTom Go 50 sat nav get you from A-to-B in record time? There’s no doubt that the sat nav industry is scrapping for a place on your windscreen. The introduction of free and inexpensive phone apps has got the traditional sat nav brands worried. In response we’re seeing reasonably priced, but feature rich... Read more »

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