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From TVs and Blu-ray players to sound bars and streaming boxes, Which? reviews hundreds of home entertainment products every year. Read on to discover our Best Buys and Don’t Buys, learn about innovations like smart TV and film streaming, or see what makes our tests unique.


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  1. 28 JAN 2015
    Is your online data protected?

    Today is Data Protection Day – and to get in the online security spirit we’ve compiled a list of tips to help keep you safe online. Data protection might seem largely out of our personal control – particularly when it comes to how the law’s applied by big business. But we all have a part...

  2. 27 JAN 2015
    Which? works for you – faulty HP PC

    Find out how we helped one Which? member overcome disappointing after sales support to get his faulty HP laptop fixed. When Anthony Gilbert’s new HP computer started to fail, he was sure that getting it fixed wouldn’t be an issue, as it was still within its one year warranty. But instead, what followed was a frustrating back and forth with the company, which dodged...

  3. 26 JAN 2015
    How long will your all-in-one PC last? We can tell you

    We surveyed Which? members to find out which all-in-one PC brands are the most reliable. Read on for the results. For many, an all-in-one PC is the perfect home computing solution: it offers all the benefits of a desktop PC in a neat and tidy package. However, from complicated touchscreens to components with moving parts,...

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