2015 Consumers' Association Council election

2015 Consumers' Association Council election results

3 vacancies, 9 candidates

Elected - Donald Grant (Votes: 12,140)
Elected - Shirley Bailey-Wood (Votes: 10,409)
Elected - Melanie Fuller (Votes: 9,900)

Not elected - Harriet Kimbell (Votes: 9,605)
Not elected - Brian Yates (Votes: 9,256)
Not elected - Haidi Jenkin (Votes: 7,122)
Not elected - Matthew Batstone (Votes: 6,865)
Not elected - Angela Henry (Votes: 5,829)
Not elected - Tanya Aitken (Votes: 4,198)

The members elected make important decisions on your behalf about how Which? is run.

This includes:

  • Ensuring you continue to get independent, trustworthy advice and support when making purchasing decisions.
  • Making sure we campaign effectively and on the right issues to empower consumers.
  • Ensuring that the organisation is run effectively and efficiently.