Become a voting member

Associate members

Anyone that subscribes to Which?, either through our magazines or online, is automatically an Associate member. Associate members are able to access a wide range of benefits, including full product reviews, a weekly member newsletter with a round up of the latest news and reviews from across the site, car valuations, and access to our Which? Money helpline. Our full terms and conditions for becoming an Associate member, including what we can and cannot do for you, can be found on our website.  

Any Associate member can then also apply to become what we term an Ordinary member. 

Ordinary members

Ordinary members are entitled to four main privileges:

  • The ability to stand for election to the Council of Trustees
  • The ability to nominate other Ordinary members who wish to stand for Council
  • Attendance of our general meetings of the Consumers' Association
  • Copies of our Annual Reports and Accounts.

There are currently around 8,600 Ordinary members, and we welcome applications from any subscriber who would like to get more involved in the governance of Which?.

How to apply

The process to become an Ordinary member is straightforward and free of charge. To apply, simply download, print and fill in the form below, and return it to the address on the form. Once your application has been approved, you will be notified of your new Ordinary member status. All applications are approved by our Council and this process usually takes 2-3 weeks. You will be sent your invitation to the next Annual General Meeting in the autumn. 


PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader software (opens in a new window).