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  • The best and worst car tyres revealed
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What's in this guide

  1. Best Buy car tyres

    Find out the car tyres that scored highly in our tests and have been named Best Buys

  2. 165/70 R14T summer tyres

    Results for our test of this popular tyre size, fitted to several leading makes of supermini.

  3. 175/65 R14T summer tyres

    Results from our tests of this popular size of tyre.

  4. 185/60 R14H summer tyres

    Test results of tyres usually fitted to superminis and medium cars.

  5. 185/60 R15H summer tyres

    Testing of tyres commonly used for superminis and some medium cars.

  6. 185/65 R15H summer tyres

    This size of tyre is used on a number of popular superminis

  7. 195/65 R15V summer tyres

    Many medium and large cars use tyres of this size - but which brands are best?

  8. 205/55 R16 V summer tyres

    205/55 R16V tyres are typically fitted to medium cars, large saloons and MPVs.

  9. 205/55 R16 W summer tyres

    Tyres fitted to medium and large cars, or some mid-sized MPVs.

  10. 225/45 R17 summer tyres

    A sporty looking tyre, often an option with stylish alloy wheels, and suitable for a host of different models.

  11. 175/65 R14T all-season tyres

    We've tested some all-season tyres to see if they'll keep you mobile all year round.

  12. 195/65 R15T all-season tyres

    All-season tyres tested to see well how they cope with a range of road conditions.

  13. What if we haven't tested your size?

    Your size not tested? Check our expert advice so you can still buy the best tyres.