Car tyres How to buy tyres

  • Vital information on the best car tyres to buy
  • Expert tips to help you buy cheap tyres
  • When you should replace your tyres
  • Our guide to the tyre energy label

What's in this guide

  1. Which tyres should I buy?

    How to ensure you buy the right size and type of tyres for your car.

  2. Tyre buying tips

    Find out where you can buy tyres – including Asda Tyres - and how to get the best price.

  3. When to buy tyres

    How to tell when your car's tyres are due replacment.

  4. Used or part-worn tyres

    Part-worn tyres can be cheaper, but should you take the risk?

  5. The energy label for tyres

    What the tyre energy label means – and how it can help you buy tyres.

  6. The UK's top tyre makers

    The top five makers dominate, but they own some good economy brands too.

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