Which? Car Survey Driver Verdicts

Which models are the best - and worst - cars of all, according to you? From value for money to driver enjoyment, owners reveal all in the 2012 Which? Car Survey.

Value for money rated

We reveal the best and worst cars, rated by you in our latest survey, when it comes to value for money.

Comfort rated

Which cars are the most cosseting of all? And which are the most uncomfortable? We reveal how you rated your cars

Ease of Driving rated

Which cars have the best visibility and which are easiest to park? We reveal your ratings for ease of driving.

Mazda RX-8 wide

Styling rated

Which cars are best for styling? We reveal the cars you rate best and worst in this highly subjective category.

  • Dash layout & controls rated

    How do cars rate for dash layout and cabin controls, as judged by the people who drive them?

  • Driving enjoyment rated

    Driving enjoyment

    We take a close look at what cars are like to live with through the eyes of car owners themselves. Which cars are the best fun?

  • In-car tech rated

    Jaguar XJ wide

    Luxury cars are typically the ones that launch new technology onto the market, but which models have the best ratings?

  • Practicality rated

    Practical wide

    If you're looking for a practical car, which one is best? Estate cars and MPVs dominate - here we reveal which models are rated best and worst by owners.

  • Build quality rated

    Build quality wide

    If a car is built well, owners are much more likely to find it satisfying. So which are the best models for build quality?

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