Use this list to ensure you are aware of all aspects of self-funding a care home.

If you wish to download this checklist, please scroll down to the foot of the page and click on our PDF link.

  • Is your relative claiming all the benefits and allowances they are entitled to, to help meet the cost of care?
  • Check if they are entitled to attendance allowance or personal independence payment (PIP).
  • Is your relative potentially eligible to receive NHS funding for a care home?
  • Has your relative consulted a qualified independent financial adviser about making the most of investments and income?
  • Has your relative chosen a care home that is affordable over the long-term?
  • Would the local authority assist with the fees of the care home your relative has chosen should they need to fall back on local authority funding in the future?
  • Have they had a needs assessment from the local authority social services department?
  • Your relative should think twice before Gifting assets and property or giving anything away to reduce capital. There can be serious consequences.

Page last reviewed: 30 November 2015
Next review due: 28 February 2017

Downloadable checklist

Use the link below to download our checklist for self-funding a care home.