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Keeping freezers in garages

Most people keep their fridge freezers and freezers in their kitchens. And nowadays, nearly all of the fridges and freezers you can buy for your home are made to be kept in warm rooms.

The lowest room temperature that most freezers are designed to work in is 10°C. Keep your freezer in a room that gets any colder, and there’s a chance it will stop working properly, causing all of the food inside to defrost.

If you plan to keep your freezer in your kitchen and are just looking for the best freezer for keeping your food safely frozen, head straight to our freezers review area.

Should you keep your freezer in your garage?

In practice, lots of people keep freezers in their garages for years without experiencing any problems. 

However, because most of these appliances aren’t designed to work properly in cold temperatures (see exception below), we can’t recommend putting them in unheated rooms.

If you do decide to keep your freezer in your garage, it’s worth bearing in mind that this might invalidate its warranty - so check the small print first.

Are there any freezers that you can keep in your garage?

Beko is the only manufacturer that claims its freezers can be kept in garages. This is because Beko uses a different refrigerant in its appliances, compared with other manufacturers. So, if you're specifically looking for a freezer for your garage, consider buying a Beko. 

We've previously tested a number of Beko freezers down to -15°C in our test lab, and they worked perfectly fine.

Check out our Beko freezer reviews to see how newly-tested models fare in our tests.

Freezer climate class

Every fridge freezer has a climate class. This is the range of room temperatures the freezer is designed to work within.

Climate classes are set by an international standard and range from 10°C to 43°C to cover hotter and colder countries.

Most UK freezers have a climate class of SN and will work in rooms that range from 10°C to 32°C. You can find out the climate class of your freezer by checking the rating plate or instruction manual. 

Freezers: Climate class temperatures
Climate classTemperature range (oC)

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