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Steam cleaners and mops should take the time and effort out of cleaning – but buy a bad model and it won't save you time compared to traditional ‘hands on’ methods.

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When buying a steam cleaner it's impossible to know until you get it home, whether it actually cleans and removes stubborn stains. and that is where Which? comes in. We've independently reviewed and rated steam mops and handheld models in our test labs, to find out how well they clean a range surfaces, from window panes to upholstery, as well as seeing just how easy they are to use.

Only the very best are recommended as which Best Buys. In our lab we find out how much time and effort it takes for each steam cleaner to shift everyday dirt like, muddy footprints, sticky jam, dried on pasta, red wine, and soap scum. a Best Buy steam cleaner will remove these stains from both smooth floors, like wood and laminate, as well as textured surfaces, such as ceramic tiles and upholstery.

All Best Buy steam cleaners will leave any surface sparkling clean, where as others will leave you to do the job by hand. Also the best handheld steam cleaners have no trouble refreshing fabric that has lined a dogs bed for a week. Eliminating creases and and odor. As well as cleaning power, we rank models on just how easy they are to set up and use.

We see how easy it is to attach the cleaning pads, refill the tank, use the controls and buttons, and most importantly, how well it reaches into awkward spaces. While some steam cleaners are heavy and tiring to use, the ones that we recommend is which best buys have got simple controls and how flexibly designed so you can clean every inch.

The cleaning pads on Best Buy steam cleaner are good quality, durable and can can be machine washed, but poor models have flimsy pads that are difficult to get clean. Some steam cleaners take a long time to heat up and a lot of effort to produce a have seen, plus they can leave water everywhere. To save you time we reveal how long it takes to heat up each model and how long you can steam for before you have to refill it again.

We found one best buy that was ready in only 42 seconds and was able to steam for 19 minutes. Other models only allow you to steam for 9 minutes, so refilling frequently would become a real pain. Our tests will help you choose a steam cleaner with exceptional cleaning power, taking the back-breaking out of chores.

Whereas a bad one is likely to be no better than a traditional mop and bucket No one tests like we do. Have a look at all our steam cleaner review and thousands of other products we've tested by taking out a one pound trial subscription to Which

Want to clean your home with ease without using chemicals?

We reveal which steam cleaners will save you time and effort, and expose the models that will let you down - take out a trial to Which? to discover the benefits.

To uncover the best and worst models, we test steam cleaners on grubby tiles, stained and crumpled fabric, oily glass and dirty ovens. We put steam mops to work on tricky stains such as muddy footprints, sticky jam and the dreaded dried-on pasta sauce.

  • We rate steam cleaners' ability to remove each stain and how easy the mop or handheld is to use, so you’ll know how well-suited a steam cleaner is to you and your needs.
  • Before we weigh a steam cleaner, we always make sure we fill its tank first. That way you’ll know the true weight of the device before you have to haul it up the stairs.
  • The worst steam cleaners leave water everywhere and don't make the cleaning easier than if you'd done it by hand – while a Best Buy will save you time and effort.

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  • 12 Best Buy steam cleaners for easier cleaning
  • Reviews of steam cleaners from 28 companies

Steam cleaner reviews you can trust

In the last year, we spent over 220 hours boiling water in steam mops, handhelds and cylinder steam cleaners - just to find out how long each device took to steam a full tank of water, and to find out how cylinder steam cleaners cope with repeat use.

Which? is independent - we work for you, the consumer, so you can be sure that our product recommendations are influenced only by our test results. We don't take advertising and we buy all the products that we test ourselves, so our advice helps you to make the right choice first time and avoid costly mistakes.

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