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The reasonably priced Braun Series 1-190 is a basic foil electric shaver, with a price tag to match. It's light on features - it doesn't self clean and there's no battery-level indicator or charging stand. But it does have a beard trimmer and a quick-charge function. We pit this electric shaver against more expensive models to see how its shave compares.
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Test criteria Rating
Closeness None shave as closely as a blade, but 4 stars means a good close shave. Subscribe
Comfort 4 stars means a good comfortable shave. Subscribe
Beard trimmer How well the beard trimmer cuts stubble. Subscribe
Battery life How long the battery lasts for without being recharged or replaced. Subscribe
Noise The more stars, the quieter the shaver Subscribe
Cleaning How easy it is to get rid of stubble. Subscribe
Ease of use How easy it is to operate the shaver and how easy the instructions are to understand. Subscribe

Braun Series 1-190

  • Launch date: Jul 2008
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