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The Bugatti Diva coffee machine boasts a really stylish design along with the capacity to use either ground coffee or ESE pods to create espresso or cappuccino coffees. We put this machine to the test to see if it performs well as a coffee maker as well as looking good on a kitchen work surface.
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Specification criteria Specification
Test Date 5 November 2010
Pressure system How pressure (bars) is achieved - by electrical pump or pressure from steam build up. See features explained for more information. Pump
Size HxDxW (cm) 37.5x24x24
Machine pressure (bars) How many pressure (bars) is achieved. Manufacturer's stated operating pressure. 15
Espresso number Number of espressos that can be made at once. Normally this is either one or two. 2
Capacity (litres) The maximum volume of water the tank or reservoir can hold, as stated by the manufacturer. If not stated, then our measurement. 0.8
Weight (kg) How much the coffee machine weighs without any coffee inside, or water in the tank. 7
Guarantee (years) The length of the manufacturer's guarantee included with the product when you buy it. Some coffee machines may let you register a product to extend the guarantee. not stated
Coffee formats supported
Type Ground coffee
Ground coffee This machine is compatible with ground coffee. Yes
Beans This machine is compatible with coffee beans. No
Capsules This machines uses capsules. Doesn't use capsules
Pods This machine can use ESE pods. No
Colour Silver
Steam pipe If a coffee machine has a steam pipe you can heat and froth milk to make milky coffee drinks, such as cappuccino. Yes
Drip tray Some drip trays are removable so they can be emptied and cleaned; some are removable and adjustable, so that you can use different sized cups. Removable
Removable tank A removable water tank will make it easier to fill up, empty and clean. Yes
Filter This model comes with a water filter included, or it's possible to purchase one separately to use if it's not included. Yes
Adjustable temperature Some coffee machines let you adjust the default temperature settings, which is useful if you prefer your coffee hotter than the default setting. No
Cup warmer Uses heat from the boiler to warm the plate on top of the coffee machine, and this is where cups can be placed to gently warm them before use. Yes
Capsules used Capsule machines can only take the unique capsule designed for that machine. N/A
Bean hopper capacity Bean-to-cup machines will have a bean hopper. This is where coffee beans are loaded before they are ground. N/A
Grinder Bean-to-cup machines will have an internal grinder to grind coffee beans. This indicates which type it is. N/A

Bugatti Diva

  • Launch date: Apr 2005
  • Type: Ground coffee
  • Which? score: Subscribe
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