Prepaid cards Euro and Dollar prepaid cards reviewed

Best Euro and Dollar prepaid cards

If you're heading to a country that uses the Euro or US Dollar as its currency, the prepaid cards in the table below are ranked by a combination of exchange rate, load and ATM fees. By loading the card with Euros or Dollars before you travel, you can set the exchange rate at a time when rates are in your favour.

Sterling prepaid cards are not restricted to a particular currency and our analysis shows in some cases they can work out as better value than their Euro/Dollar counterparts. 

A credit card with low fees on overseas spending can offer the best solution on card purchases made abroad as long as the bill is paid off in full each month. 

Euro and dollar prepaid cards
Card nameCost of cardForeign ATM feeTop-up feeTop-up optionsScenario 1 - eurosScenario 2 - dollarsFind out more
Travelex Cash Passport aNobFreeFreecInternet / Phone / Branch£218£164Apply now
Easyjet Euro Currency Card£5.95FreeFree - DCInternet£218n/aVisit site
CaxtonFX Euro/Dollar CardNodFreeFree - DCInternet / phone / SMS£219£164Apply now
ICE Travellers Cashcard Euro/DollarNoFreeFreeInternet£220£166Visit site
my Travel Cash Euro/DollareNofFreeFree - DCInternet / mobile phone app£220£166Apply now
FairFx Currency Cards£9.95€1.5/$2Free - DC & BACsInternet / Phone / SMS£221£167Visit site
Monarch Eurozone CardNofFreeFree - DCInternet£222n/aVisit site
Thomas Cook Cash Passport (Euro/Dollar)Noc€2/$3FreeBranch / Internet£223£169Visit site
Post Office Travel Money CardNo€2/$2.5FreeInternet / Phone / Branch / SMS£224£170Visit site
The Co-operative Bank Cash PassportNoc€2/$2.5FreeInternet / Phone£225£170Visit site
First Choice Travel Money Card (Euro/Dollar)No€2/$3FreeBranch / Internet£226£172Visit site
Thomson Travel Money Card (Euro/Dollar)No€2/$3FreeBranch / Internet£226£171Visit site
Virgin Money Prepaid Travel Money CardNo€1.5/$2Free - DCInternet£234£177Apply now

Table notes

Scenario 1: Total cost of making two €50 purchases and three €50 cash withdrawals from an ATM abroad, based on average exchange rate offered over 6 separate days in June 2013

Scenario 2: As scenario 1, but making two $50 purchases and three $50 cash withdrawals (provider's fees included) 

The table is ranked by Scenario 1

Key: DC = Debit Card

  1. Also available in Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, South African Rand
  2. There is an inactivity fee of $3.50 for the Dollar card and €3 on the Euro card if the card is not used for 12 consecutive months
  3. Top up fee may vary according to branch
  4. £10 deposit paid for card, repaid in your first balance
  5. 1% cashback can be earned on purchases. Cashback goes back on the card in the following month
  6. There is a €2.50 inactivity fee for the Euro Currency Card and $3 for the US Dollar Currency Card
  7. £0.99 to load debit, 4% credit card

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