Personal injury cover Alternatives to personal injury cover

Alternatives to personal injury cover include income protection insurance and taking advantage of trade union benefits

If you don't have personal injury cover, there are other ways you can make a claim. These are the alternatives: 

Legal action

If you suffer injury or illness as a result of an accident that isn't your fault, you could pursue the matter through the courts using savings. Depending on whether you get legal aid and which court you go through, this process could cost you thousands of pounds. You should seek legal advice from a specialist solicitor as soon as possible to make sure you've got a valid claim.


Instead of using your savings, you might be able to get access to legal assistance if you’re a member of a union. If you qualify, the union might instruct solicitors to take legal action on your behalf at no extra cost to you. 

'No win, no fee'

If you're struggling financially to gain access to the legal system you might have considered this. If you win, fees are normally paid by the losing party, but you might still have to pay costs they are not ordered to pay. 

If you lose you won't have to pay your solicitor, but you'll have to pay the costs of the successful party and other fees such as court costs and obtaining medical reports. After-the-event insurance, which covers you against these potential costs, can help cover these risks.

Income protection

If you're worried about being unable to work as a result of injury or illness you might be better off taking out an income protection policy.

Criminal compensation

If you've been injured as a result of a criminal act, such as an assault, you might be able to claim compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, or Criminal Injuries Compensation Agency in Northern Ireland. A close relative of a person who died of injuries as a result of a crime can also make a claim. 

The incident must be reported to police at the earliest opportunity and an application filed within two years of it happening, although exceptions are made in certain circumstances.

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