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The SodaStream is back…

SodaStream drinks makers relaunched in the UK

SodaStream – the classic fizzy drinks maker – is relaunching in the UK

SodaStream has vowed to ‘bring the fizz back to the UK’ as part of a nostalgia-inspired summer relaunch of its drinks makers and flavours.

Bringing back the slogan synonymous with the product’s 1980s heyday – ‘get busy with the fizzy’ – SodaStream has given its drinks makers a ‘sleek makeover’ and invested in an expensive marketing campaign to boot.

SodaStream drinks makers turn tap water into fizzy water by dispensing CO2 from a gas cylinder at the back of the SodaStream into the water. You can then flavour the fizzy water to your taste, with 18 flavours available from SodaStream – including fruit, cola and sugar-free varieties. 

Prices start at £54.99 for a SodaStream ‘Stream’, going up to £149.99 for a Penguin-shaped model with glass carafe. SodaStreams are available to buy from stores including John Lewis, Robert Dyas, Argos and Comet.

SodaStream first impressions

Seventies and eighties nostalgia aside – is it worth investing in a SodaStream? One of our testers tried out the SodaStream Pure, one of the drinks makers featured in the range, in 2008 – read our verdict back then in our SodaStream Pure First Look review.

SodaStream Penguin drinks maker

SodaStream Penguin drinks maker

An £8.99 gas cylinder refill can be used to make 60 litres of fizzy drink, and a 500ml bottle of flavoured concentrate, which can make up to 12 litres of flavoured drink, starts at £2.99 – putting the cost of a SodaStream flavoured fizzy drink at around 40p per litre. That’s good value for money compared to a branded bottle of pop, despite being up 8p per litre on our 2008 calculations.

SodaStream claims to an ‘active green’ product – meaning you’re actively reducing your carbon footprint by using one instead of buying bottles of fizzy drinks or sparkling water from the supermarket.

The company also offers a gas cylinder exchange programme – so when one cylinder is used up, you can swap it for the new one and only pay for the cost of the refill.

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