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Top five tips for getting the best shave ever

Which? reveals how to have the best wet shave
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Using a Which? Best Buy men’s razor is the first step towards making sure you have a great shave. But our top five tips for the perfect shave will make sure your shave is as satisfying as possible.

Which? has just tested 16 men’s razors from brands including the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power, the Wilkinson Sword Quattro Titanium Precision and King of Shaves Azor 5 Sensitive to find out which will give you the smoothest shave.

Discover which razors earned our Best Buy seal of approval in our full review of men’s razors.

Top barber gives expert advice

To find out what makes the perfect shave we spoke to expert barber Will Spackman of Will’s Barber Shop in Wareham, Dorset. Will’s shop is the most recommended barber’s shop on Which? member recommendation site Which? Local.

Five tips for the perfect shave

1. Soften the skin

Use the steam from a shower to soften the skin and the stubble. Shaving in the shower won’t be possible for everyone, particularly those with facial hair to shave around, so an alternative is to wrap a hot face cloth around your beard until the cloth starts to cool.

2. Use cream or lather

Creams and lathers that can be worked into your face are more effective than foam which sits on top of the skin. Spend a little time working this into your stubble.

3. Shave each area three times

Stretch your skin and shave in the direction of beard growth, then re-lather and shave across the beard. Finally, re-lather for a third time and shave against the grain.

4. Rinse with warm then cool water

Rinse your face clean with warm water first, then cool water, to cleanse the skin and close the pores. Dab dry and use a styptic pencil to seal nicks and cuts; this stings but is more effective than bits of toilet paper.

5. Use a shaving balm

A shaving balm will cool and soothe your skin, and replace the natural oils washed and scraped away while shaving. Balms will also help to prepare your face for the next shave.

Don’t Buy razors to avoid

Three razors tested by Which? were bad enough to be awarded Which? Don’t Buy status – one managed to cut one of our triallists ten-times during one shave.

Visit our men’s razors reviews to find out Which? razors are Best Buys and which are the ones to avoid. If you’re not a member, unlock our full men’s razors reviews by taking out a £1 trial subscription to Which?

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